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Step 1:

We know that buying a home can be very daunting. Our agents have the expertise, knowledge and patience to walk you through finding your dream home. We have been down this road before so we ask the right questions to find out important information about you and your goals. With that information we create a special tailored plan for you to help you find your dream home!

Step 2:

At this step we help you navigate the financial part of buying a home. We have partners, network of lenders and financial experts that can help strengthen your credit, if necessary, and determine exactly how much you can afford. Our partners help investigate the right kind of loan and approval amount. Here is where we uncover how much you can afford and what the estimate monthly payments would be. We also formally pre-approve you for a loan to help you be positioned as a serious home buyer.

Step 3:
House Hunting

Probably everyone’s favorite part. We help you find out what are the “must haves” in your next home and also in the community. We ask questions to uncover all your needs and wishes and match what you are looking for with our extensive market knowledge and help you find the place of your dreams. This may come in the form of any on market or off-market homes. Start your engines. This is where we start going out and see homes in person!

Step 4:

We found it! The homes of your dreams and you want to make and offer! We’ll help you put together a competitive offer that will have seller’s highly considering you. We help you find the right offer price based on our in-depth market knowledge and research and guide you through the contingencies to make the offer attractive yet still protect you. How do you write the offer? Do not worry. We will write the complete offer on the correct purchase agreements and the correct forms. All you have to do is sit back and sign. We handle all the paperwork

Step 5:

Congrats! Your offer has been accepted! One of the biggest fears in most buyers is buying a house that will become a money pit down the road with issues. We help you minimize that risk with hiring license inspectors to detect issues or problems that the average person may not be able to see. Inspections are a powerful negotiation tool and best insurance you can get on a property. If any issues are found we work with you and create the best strategy on how to proceed and handle the hard negotiations on your behalf. Again, all you have to do it sit back and we have the hard conversations so you don’t have to.

Step 6:

In most cases the loan can get complicated and overwhelming. We have the experience to help keep it from being overbearing. We monitor your loan regularly to ensure a smooth and easy closing. We work with the lender very closely to make sure the paperwork is complete, appraisals have been ordered and our ducks are in a line. During escrow that last thing you want is something going astray with your loan, so we prevent that with our constant follow up with your loan officer.

Step 7:

A few days before you get to celebrate there are a few T’s to cross and I’s to dot. We’ll be there every step of the way. From signing the famous mountain of paperwork to conducting our final walk through to make sure the home is in the same condition from when we first saw it. Once both parties sign the closing paperwork, we have the pleasure of handing you the keys to your HOME! Cue the confetti and music! It’s time to celebrate!

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