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Buying Process

Buying a home is, in most cases, is the biggest financial decision most people will make in their lifetime. Going about it without a plan or strategy can be a recipe for failure and could cost you thousands down the road. The good news is that we understand finding information online can be difficult and sometimes confusing. We believe that educating our clients will help make the process smoother and more efficient and minimize and eliminate any and all surprises. So that’s why we decided to make a series of videos that go into detail of every step of the buying process. Helping to clarify the most frequently asked questions and set you up for success. Our goal isn’t to sell you a home. Our goal is make your real estate dreams come true and help you take the next step in your life no matter what it is. If you have been thinking of buying and don’t know where to start… Well look no further! These video will have you ahead of the pack and on the road to being a homeowner!

Home Buying Intro

Step 1 –
Finding a Realtor​

The biggest mistake we find most buyers doing is that they don’t reach out to a Realtor early enough in their home buying journey. Having a realtor by your side for one month, 6 months or even a year before you are ready to buy will help you tenfold. We talk about all the questions home buyers have about Realtors. Like, where to find them? What they should they expect from their Realtor? How does a realtor get paid and how does that affect the buyer etc… The good news is that we cannot find a negative reason to not use a realtor to help you buy a home.

Step 2 –
Getting Pre-Approved

You would not go shopping without knowing how much you could spend, right? Imaging finding something you loved. You go to the cashier to pay for it and find out you can’t afford it. Now you have to walk all the way back to the isle you found it and put it back. The same goes for homes. Let’s find out the different levels of being approved and which banks you should use and why. Yes, there are advantages of using certain banks over others. Learn how to get ahead of the competition before your even step into the market.

Step 3 –
House Hunting

This is by far the most exciting part of the process – previewing homes on the market to find the perfect one for you. We’ll let you in on a little secret most people don’t know. There is a such thing as “off market homes”. These are homes that no matter how much you search online you will not find them. We’ll also let you in on a little trick to find out if a home has issues or problems before stepping into your car and driving over to see it. Personally, this is our favorite part! How can you not like walking into beautiful homes knowing you can buy it if you wanted to.

Step 4 –
Submitting an Offer

This is probably the most nerve-racking part of the process. Partly because once you submit you offer and it gets accepted… you are buying a home! A lot goes into the offer and it’s easy to be overwhelmed the first time you see or write an offer. The good news is that now, by watching this video you will be familiar with all the parts and pieces that are required to make an offer. What’s even better is that your realtor should be the one writing the offer and helping you make the best decision for a competitive offer, all while still protecting you from the unknowns. Don’t worry, you are not alone. We are here every step of the way.

Step 5 –

I’m sure you have heard some horror story about someone buying a home, it falling apart right beneath them and having to spend their life savings repairing it! Yikes! Well the good news is that there is a way to minimize and quite possibly eliminate that risk. The way to do that is by having inspections done by a licensed professional. We go over the 5 main types of inspections you should consider,  what they will check on the home, and what and how they report their findings back to you.

Step 6 – Appraisal and Finalizing the Loan

Unless you are paying cash for a home you are most likely going to be using a bank to get a loan. One of the most important parts of getting a loan is making sure the home appraises for the amount you paid for the home. We go over what the appraisal means and what to expect when it’s getting appraised. We also go over different scenarios in case it doesn’t get approve or if it appraises for higher than what you paid for.

Step 7 –

Whoo!! If you made it his far you are 98% of the way done! At this point you are almost the owner of the home. However, there are just a few things to finalize with the loan and escrow before you get the keys. We talk about the timeline of signing, transferring keys and celebrating the fact that you are now a HOMEOWNER!!!


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